Adenosine Monophosphate Injection (AMP)


Adenosine monophosphate injection for sale

The tying-up syndrome isn’t supposed to make you a helpless horse owner. You can now buy racehorse AMP (adenosine monophosphate) 20ml to foster the cardiovascular and muscular performance of your equine companion. Uniquely formulated as a coronary and skeletal muscle vasodilator, AMP is invaluable for tying-up prevention during preparation for effort-draining activities.

At, we bring you the advanced 20ml AMP injection that goes beyond expectations. A cornerstone in equine care, it is a crucial aid in preparing horses for rigorous exertion and effectively preventing muscle cramping. Given several times before an event, AMP can pave the way for a dramatic boost in nutrient supply to improve your racehorse’s:

  • Stamina and endurance
  • Overall performance
  • Chances of developing no injuries during high-intensity activities

You can order racehorse AMP online and follow the included IM injection guidelines. For optimal preparation, a 10ml shot must be given 24 hours before demanding activities. A follow-up 10ml shot must be scheduled 4 hours before activities to further fortify your animal’s cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Notably, the 20ml AMP injection isn’t limited to horses. Its versatile benefits extend to dogs and camels, making it the go-to pharmaceutical booster for a spectrum of athletic animals. In dogs and camels, adenosine monophosphate can unlock their physical potential and provide enhanced nutrient delivery and accelerated energy supply to muscles while safeguarding them against cramps.

Please note that your animal’s safe dosage must be optimized based on their weight.Our AMP injection price is for a 20ml bottle of an advanced adenosine formula. It can be sent worldwide to bring the transformative and preventive advantages of AMP to your doorstep. You can also opt for plain packaging for the delivery of this substance at no extra cost. The specified adenosine injection price is fixed and can’t be affected by hidden fees.


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