Altresyn (altrenogest)

Altresyn (altrenogest)  is indicated to suppress estrus in mares. Suppression of estrus allows for a predictable occurrence of estrus following drug withdrawal.

Dosage & Administration

The recommended dosage of Altresyn is 1 ml per 110 lbs. body weight given once daily for 15 consecutive days.



Available Size

1000 ml bottle

Altresyn is for administration orally on back of mare’s tongue or applied to usual grain ration. Protective gloves should be worn when handling product; women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant should not handle Altresyn Solution 0.22%. Altrenogest.

How Altresyn (altrenogest) work?

Altresyn Solution 0.22% facilitates the attainment of regular cyclicity during the transition from winter anestrus to the physiological breeding season. Suppression of estrus will also facilitate management of prolonged estrus conditions. Suppression of estrus may be used to facilitate scheduled breeding during the physiological breeding season.

What are the side effects of Altresyn?

No known side effects

What to do if overdose?

In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital immediately.

ALTRESYN suppresses oestrus during the whole of the treatment, which in turn enables:

  • Scheduled reproduction
  • Optimised productivity
  • Improved pig flow and herd health

ALTRESYN is an 18 day treatment regime which will bring gilts into heat within 5-7 days after the end of the treatment, thus facilitating heat synchronisation and batch management.

On a farm without ALTRESYN:

  • Depends strictly on nature for sequencing reeding and farrowing schedules.
  • Continually checking for oestrus.
  • Insemination at varying times.
  • Therefore need manpower available seven days a week.

On a farm with ALTRESYN:

  • More efficient breeding.
  • More efficient gilt pool management.
  • More efficient use of labour.
  • More predictable pig flow.
  • 1. Instructions of use

Attach the doser and tube to the bottle, which releases an exact dose of 5 ml (20 mg altrenogest) per gilt.

  • 2. Individual dose is best

Using the ALTRESYN doser syringe administer 5 ml /gilt /day for 18 consecutive days. Only administer to cycling gilts that have shown a 1st heat.

  • 3. Timing

Make sure the gilts receive their individual dose of ALTRESYN at the same time every day (+/- 15 min).

  • 4. Duration of treatment

ALTRESYN must be administered each day of treatment:

18 days for nulliparous gilts.

If you stop using it for even one day, effectiveness may decline.

  • 5. Gilt management post day 18 of treatment

It is essential to set the date of mating – 6 days post ALTRESYN treatment.

(Usually coincides with serving the weaned sows).


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