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AMINOPLEX INJECTION  100ML is a vitamin and amino acid injection supplement for use in cattle, horses, dogs and cats as an aid in the treatment of debilitated animals and a supplement for working animals.

Dr. Blues Aminoplex 100ml injectable for sale

Does your animal appear jaundiced, have reduced exercise tolerance, and suffer from suppressed appetite? Anemia or a nutritional deficiency may be the culprit. The Dr. Blues Aminoplex injectable can help address the energy-sapping condition as a blend of essential vitamins and amino acids. Formulated for sport horses and working animals, Aminoplex serves as a potent supplement to bolster and restore vitality. Besides high-performance animals, it can be injected into cats and dogs.

Dr. Blues Aminoplex combines key nutrients for optimal physiological function and supports energy recovery. It also aids in maintaining peak physical condition and endurance during high-intensity activities in cattle and racing horses. Depending on the state of the animal being treated, you can give it as an IM or IV injection.

Combating anemia and nutritional disorders is paramount to animal health. Because Aminoplex provides a concentrated source of amino acids and vitamins, it swiftly replenishes deficiencies. This injectable ensures rapid absorption and facilitates prompt improvement in your animal’s health. For a more balanced treatment, you can combine Aminoplex with other medications and supplements recommended by your vet.

Buy Aminoplex injection online

Aminoplex 100ml is available in a genuine formulation and packaging at Genuine quality means you will get:

  • Reusable vial for multiple administrations in target animals
  • Compatible Dr. Blues formulation for combining with other medications
  • Long shelf life

At, you can order the Aminoplex injectable with guaranteed 2-day shipping. The shipping fees will be updated as you place your order.

Vet advice may be necessary for administering Aminoplex 100ml. You may need professional assistance to devise a treatment regimen for your horse or cattle, whether you are planning to give injections to supercharge athletic prowess or compensate for nutritional gaps. If your animal suffers from other health problems, a vet can also guide you through the viability of starting Aminoplex.


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