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ANDROPLEX – 50ml  contains all the vitamins needed in conditioning with the added effects of a powerful hormone to keep the vitamins at the highest levels in a long lasting fatty oil base.

AndroPlex for sale – A 50ml multi-dose vial

If the strength and agility of your game fowl leave a lot to be desired, AndroPlex 50ml can act as a game-changing solution. The AndroPlex injectable is a steroid plus vitamin booster formulated to give your fowl the winning edge. It is a powerhouse blend of essential vitamins in conjunction with testosterone, wrapped into a fatty oil base for sustained effectiveness.

Perfect for both full-fledged therapy and as a fundamental component in broader hormone therapy, AndroPlex 50ml is a safe bet for cockers. If you are raising and training roosters for the heat of competition, you can turn to this injectable to:

  • Promote the development of strong muscles in your game fowl
  • Reinforce the bird’s bone strength
  • Achieve unparalleled energy levels by enhancing red blood cell production

Cockers can’t go wrong by buying the AndroPlex steroid online to support conditioning and set their roosters up for improved fighting abilities and consecutive wins. You can think of this multi-dose injectable as the winning formula for hormone therapy to outperform the competition. The supplementary effects of vitamins also bode well for fowl’s recovery and general well-being.

The AndroPlex steroid is amazingly effective and does not call for daily injections. It must be given as a once-a-week IM shot (preferably in the bird’s breast area). The duration of AndroPlex therapy should not exceed 6 weeks with the combined 6 injections. Plan your performance-boosting treatments so you can give the last shot 5 days before a rooster event.

Not only does AndroPlex 50ml allow you to minimize the frequency of IM injections, but it also ensures a sustained anabolic action. At, you can order AndroPlex in a multi-dose vial to provide your prized roosters with the unshakeable foundation they need for success in the arena.


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