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100ml Catosal B12 for sale

If you are what you eat, your animals are what you feed. However, metabolic disorders may be hard to avoid, even when your feed is of superior quality. That’s when Catosal inj. should complement your livestock management practices for the sake of your animals’ vitality.

Catosal 10% is an injectable solution packed with a combination of active substances that foster key metabolic processes associated with proteins and carbohydrates. It supplies the animal’s system with vitamin B12 and phosphorus to support their nutrition and promote natural growth. Its dual-action formula is enriched with essential elements that are central to your livestock’s well-being.

A Catosal injection can be given to young and senior animals to tackle:

  • Nutritional disorders linked to digestion or element absorption issues
  • The results of inadequate nutrition in the animal’s young age
  • The progressive weakness of muscles
  • Secondary anemia and complete exhaustion
  • Weakened immune system
  • The fizzling productivity of farm animals
  • Infertility

Catosal 10% is delivered in a 100ml bottle. This volume can support your metabolism-stimulating efforts and make them more fruitful for the health of your livestock. Though, you may not want to limit your treatments to Catosal only. It can be perfectly complemented by other medicines and supplements unless contraindicated.

It’s not uncommon to buy Catosal for horses, cattle, and other big farm animals. But the vitamin-containing solution can also benefit the metabolism of smaller species, such as hens, ducks, cats, and dogs.

After assessing the health of your livestock, a veterinarian should pin down administration practices involving Catosal. Dosages vary for each animal and may be increased or decreased for a particular species and weight.

When you order Catosal B12 online, always check whether the injectable solution is far from going past its expiration date. At, we stand behind Catosal quality and its 5-year shelf life.


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