Dectomax is a veterinary drug that helps to heal animals from tick lesions, removes worms, lice, fleas.

The principle of treatment in the impact on the nervous and muscular systems of nematodes, ticks parasitizing animals does not harm mammals.

The instruction describes in detail the appearance and use of the drug – it is available in the form of a colorless or yellowish solution. The agent is injected intramuscularly and subcutaneously with a sterile syringe. For injection into small mammals, insulin is suitable.

The medication is used in the treatment of cattle, sheep, dogs, cats. The active ingredient is doramectin 1%, available in dark glass bottles with a capacity of 50 or 500 ml. Dectomax can be bought at a veterinary pharmacy or at the best price in our online store.

For dogs, cats it is used more often in the treatment of demodicosis. Animals easily tolerate injections, which are painless, easy to administer, and quickly dissolve from the injection site. The action of the drug lasts twice as long as other similar drugs. Effective against internal and external parasites, copes with long-running scabies (sarcoptic mange). The active substance was developed by the American laboratory Pfizer relatively recently, it has high activity.

The therapeutic effect is long-term. When treating ostertagiosis 28 days, cooperiosis 21. At the end of the treatment period, the medication protects the animal from relapse for another month.

Instructions for the use of Dectomax
For cats and dogs, the product is applied at 0.1 ml per kg of body weight. The drug works well together with a solution of B vitamins. For pregnant and lactating cats, dogs, the drug is contraindicated. Although there is no information on what affects the embryo. There are no contraindications in other cases. There were no side effects during the study


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