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Equipoise can be a chemical which can be useful for both cutting and bulking edge. You’ll observe this specific particular chemical is discussed by therapists now and then the ester appears to be probably one of the very used by way of.

Equipoise for horses – Synthetic boldenone that delivers real results

The success and wins of your equine, both big and small, start from the inside. Owners and trainers can use Equipoise for sale to help horses of all activity levels go beyond their physical barriers. 

This substance is an injectable based on boldenone undecylenate that works with your stallion’s natural biological processes to encourage muscle growth and discourage its breakdown. With the proper diet and training regimen, EQ can help your animal become a stronger, faster, and better athlete.

EQ steroid backed by science

Originally meant to mimic natural testosterone, EQ was created to turbocharge erythrocyte production and appetite in racehorses. Now, it’s used to boost strength in all show animals.

This injectable drug contributes to maximizing protein from your animal diet to build body tissue instead of excreting it as waste. The Equipoise steroid also boosts erythrocytes while enhancing the ability to transport oxygen to working muscles. With more oxygen being delivered, your equine’s endurance improves. This allows them to exercise longer and harder, stimulating further muscle growth.

EQ testosterone qualities

This versatile steroid is packed with multiple benefits for your animal and can be used for bulking and cutting. It consistently gives your horse: 

  • Increased stamina – Your athlete is better positioned to fight fatigue from within.
  • Lean muscle gains – Your animal gets a shredded, competition-ready look.
  • Improved appetite – This is especially advantageous if your horse is a picky eater. 

The effects of EQ typically take 3-4 weeks to become noticeable. They even persist after the last injection.

Dosage heads-up on veterinary Equipoise for sale

This potent steroid can have significant effects, even in small amounts. It’s critical to always abide by the dosage advised by the manufacturer or your vet. 

The typical dose of EQ is between 200 to 600 mg per week. You should always keep tabs on how your horse responds. Monitor your equine’s well-being and activity levels for adverse reactions after the first dose.

Potential negative effects of Equipoise steroid for horses

EQ may cause undesirable outcomes like increased aggression, edema, or skin issues. Carefully inspect your horse’s welfare during the cycling period and several weeks after. Report any severe or unusual effects to your vet immediately, especially if you have noticed:

  • Liver toxicity
  • Reproductive issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Hair loss

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