SGF-5000 for horses – The ultimate protein-based supplement

Does your horse compete in shows and races? This groundbreaking liquid super-growth supplement can augment your equine muscles, tissue, and tendon structure and boost their immune system. Order SGF-5000 to make your athlete feel at their peak!

Thanks to a harmonious blend of peptides, cytokines, and proteins taken from sheep placenta in its composition, your four-legged racer will show enhanced resilience, endurance, and strength. The SGF-5000 formula triggers stem cells and shifts them into an active phase, promoting the growth of beneficial cell types. It also works wonders for existing tissue repair and new cell generation.

Injectable booster

When you buy SGF-5000 online, you purchase a pack of six 10ml vials. They are meant to be used for IV or IM injections for equine athletes, big or small.

SGF-5000 is a comprehensive supplement that delivers proven muscle growth and support in a natural way. It’s best for high-performance horses as it helps your equine companion stay active and mobile. The formula contains no restricted or non-tested substances. 

Administration and adverse effects

Every vial is filled with 10ml of SGF-5000 for injections. If you are a horse owner, you should not give them on your own. Turn to a vet instead.

The supplement is considered safe for most horses when used as directed. However, as with any formula, individual side effects are possible. Watch your horse closely, especially when starting SGF-5000. 

The SGF-5000 price is set for a pack of six vials. Order it for your athlete today!


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