SUPER HORSE (JAPAN ) – 30 ML is an enigmatic product, of which we know very little, but we know that it works quite well in career fields as a short-term stimulant (no more than 8 km).

We know that it has a mix of substances derived from beta-phenyl-isopropylamine in an injectable liquid molecules, but it´s so modified that it´s not detected or taken as doping (such as amphetamine benzedrine, dexedrine or methylamphetamine).

We know that it can be used very close to the competitive event, providing a highly explosive stimulant.

Its stimulating effect, acts on the central nervous system and its main action is on the neurotransmitter systems of dopamine and norephedrine, whose production increases.

Its strange violaceous color is characteristic in this product, which makes it quite difficult to fake, reason why has gained enough popularity in Camel races in Middle East, mainly in United Arab Emirates.

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SUPER HORSE (JAPAN ) Formula reserved.

Presentation 30 ml bottle

5ml  the day before the race and 5ml  before the race. IV very slow, Can be applied hours before the race


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