Super Vitamina B12 5500 for sale

Is your horse wrestling with vitamin deficiency and ever-growing tiredness? Invest in the pinnacle of equine health with Super Vitamina B12 5500, an injectable solution complete with a concentrated blend of B vitamins and liver extract. This supplement can prop up the vitality and well-being of your horses and get them ready for whatever activity lies ahead.

When you order Super Vitamina B12 5500, you are adopting a strategic approach to address the critical aspects of equine health. The substance includes two B12 versions – cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin – to stir up a restorative action and contribute to cell growth and reproduction. When used for the long term, this vitamin-rich supplement is a potent weapon against natural deficiencies and hematopoiesis issues.

Beyond manufactured B12 versions, Super Vitamina incorporates:

  • Vitamin B15 1250, known for its role in cellular respiration
  • Biotin for supporting healthy skin and hooves
  • Crude liver extract to add a final supplementary touch to the formula

Vitamin deficiencies can take a heavy toll on racehorses, manifesting as anemia, unexplained fatigue, and a lack of vitality. S-Vitamina B12 5500 nips those in the bud. The restorative properties of the formulation not only combat deficiencies but also stimulate appetite, ensuring your horses maintain mighty energy levels and peak performance. A hearty appetite is a solid foundation for their physiological functions. It facilitates the replenishment of essential elements for equine muscle development, energy production, and overall metabolic activities.

Available in 30ml and 100ml bottles at, this injectable solution can be delivered to any country within 5 days. We take prompt shipping seriously so that you can prepare your horses for competitions and respond to the first red flags of detrimental anemias in a timely manner.

You can buy Super B12 5500 online with MoneyGram, Bitcoin, WU, or bank transfer. This solution cannot be returned.


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