Tridenosen H


Tridenosen H is a legal and safe drug that is available in both oral and injection form, and is mainly used for power, strength, endurance and energy boost.

Tridenosen H is not an anabolic steroid as it does not influence synthetic hormones through anabolic effects. But it can still support muscle growth due to its retention properties.

What Tridenosen H does is help increase your body’s production of natural hormones, including growth hormones, testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and EPO, all of which are essential if you are trying to improve your body’s physique.

So what is the secret of Tridenosen H? The power enhancing properties of Tridenosen H solely lies on its Adenosine-5′-Triphosphate content. Also known as ATP, this compound is used to provide energy metabolism and is known to help improve blood circulation.

Tridenosen H is now in injectable form. The first product that introduces this drug is Tridenosen H.

What is Tridenosen H?

The “H” actually stands for human. As said above, the real injectable Tridenosen  was initially intended for horses and Tridenosen  is of course, formulated for humans.

Like its main characteristic, Tridenosen  thrives on its ATP content which is known as one of the best performance-enhancing agents. So if you like to have a steroid-like performance, then Tridenosen  is said to be one of your best options.

Some of the claimed benefits of this supplement includes:

Increases protein synthesis

Enhances performance

Boosts energy and metabolic levels

Improves strength, endurance and stamina

Promotes fat burning through ATP

Activates numerous dormant muscle fibers

How does Tridenosen  Work?

Primal Muscle indicates only ATP on its official website as Tridenosen  main formula. This is not surprising as Tridenosen  is the super bio-available form of ATP. It claims that some athletes are now using Tridenosen  to help enhance their performance.

ATP is also known to help boost physical energy, while providing muscle building support. If the synthetic Tridenosen H can power up horses, think of what a more natural Tridenosen H can do for you.

Primal Muscle is also proud to say that Tridenosen  utilizes Deeper Fiber Recruitment (DFR) action. This feature enhances your ATP that will enable you to workout more than your usual capacity.
DFR makes your ATP to dig deeper into your muscle fibers that have never been used, and stimulates it to grow more tissues resulting to natural lean muscle gain. Primal Muscle claims that Tridenosen  can now use and develop 35 up to 40% of your unused muscles. Now that’s completely going to double up your workout routine due to added muscular energy.

Tridenosen  is not just anabolic and thermogenic, it is also a vasolidator and it also help supply blood to your skeletal muscles.

This brand is also formulated to help you retain large amounts of nitrogen within the muscle from the protein you eat. This is what testosterone and traditional anabolic steroids do, but without its infamous side effects.

Is Tridenosen  Safe?

There are enough reviews for this brand online which shows different reactions from customers.

Though practically a new player in the industry of bodybuilding supplements, Tridenosen H is now getting popular as one of the best and safest energy boosting products in the market.

Some minor side effects were reported which are just usual in most bodybuilding supplements. But these effects are not that serious compared to anabolic steroids.

Since there are possible health risks, this means that Tridenosen H is not for everyone. Always take precautions before you take this supplement, or talk to your doctor for professional medical advice.


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