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Calm and painfree

Butomidor is one of our opioid products. It contains 10mg/ml butorphanol, a synthetic opioid agonist/antagonist with potent analgesic and moderate sedative properties. Routes of administration for Butomidor are iv, im or sc. After iv injection Butomidor is effective after two to five minutes for up to four hours. In most countries butorphanol is not a controlled substance- no paperwork for the vet.

Posttraumatic analgesia

In any trauma case, immediate pain relief and calming down the patient is essential. Butomidor is effective only minutes after iv administration. With a single shot of Butomidor patients will be relieved from pain and calm down. If necessary, transport is possible. Owners calm down as well and vet team is safer when handling the animal.


Preemptive analgesia

is recognised as an essential part of modern pain management. Butomidor administered as part of the premedication before elective surgery prevents pain pathway facilitation and development of a pain memory. Recovery therefore will be smooth and fast. Butomidor – analgesia before pain develops.

Premedication and perisurgical analgesia

Butomidor can easily be combined with many other analgesics and anaesthetics. Repeated administration is possible if necessary. Combination with alpha2-agonists makes diagnostic procedures like X-ray, endoscopy etc. easy. Triple combination with additional ketamine for small surgical interventions like castration. Antagonisation with Naloxone is possible any time.

Postsurgical analgesia

is imperative for the patients´ welfare and a fast and smooth recovery. Butomidr is the drug of choice for analgesia after interventions causing mild to moderate pain.

BUTOMIDOR in horse patients

In cases of colic, a potent analgesic with fast onset is necessary, but symptoms must not be masked. Transport to a clinic might be necessary for surgery. Due to Butomidor´s antagonistic action on the μ-receptors, gastrointestinal side effects are very unlikely. The degree of sedation doesn´t lead to recumbency, so transport is possible. Combination with alpha2-agonists leads to good sedation and analgesia for smaller surgical interventions without recumbency.



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