DHEA 50 Ml (Dehydroepiandrosterone)


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Where to Buy DHEA 50 ml Online?

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What is DHEA 50 ml?

Buy DHEA 50 ml ( Export Only ). DHEA is a key hormone in overall health. It increases energy and improves mood. DHEA is made primarily in the adrenal glands and is essential for protein building and repair. A natural steroid produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands, DHEA is the precursor of androstenedione. DHEAP also contains Pregnenolone, an ingredient that makes a mare more feminine.

Who is DHEA 50 ml for?


Why use DHEA 50 ml?

  • Key hormone in overall health
  • Increases energy and improves mood
  • Essential for protein building and repair
  • Natural steroid

How does DHEA 50 ml work?

DHEA is made by the adrenal glands and helps build and repair proteins.

Active ingredient(s):

25 mg/ml Dehydroepiandrosterone

How is DHEA 50 ml sold?

50 ml vial

What are the side effects of DHEA 50 ml?

No known side effects

What special precautions are there?

Keep out of reach of children

What to do if overdose?

Contact your nearest emergency animal hospital

How can I store DHEA 50 Ml (Dehydroepiandrosterone)?

Store at 20-25* C

Helpful Tips:

Dose: 5 ml I.M. 2 x per week

25 mg/ml Dehydroepiandrosterone


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