Equipalazone 200mg

EQUIPALAZONE It is from the NSAID group (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug) & is used for the treatment of lameness in horses, for example due to acute & chronic laminitis, osteoarthritic conditions, bursitis & carpitis.

It can also be used post-surgery to relief soft tissue swelling.

It is also antipyretic (lowers fevers). It works by inhibiting the body from synthesising prostaglandins, which facilitate pain & trigger inflammatory processes & pyrogens (substances which cause a fever).

This product requires a prescription from your vet & will only be dispatched once we receive this prescription.

Equipalazone 200mg

Legal Category- POM-V

Warnings & Contraindications- Do not give to horses with known hypersensitivity to Phenylbutazone. Do not give to horses with heart, liver or kidney disease; gastric ulceration or blood disorders. Do not give within 24 hours of giving another NSAID or corticosteroid, please contact your vet or our helpline if unsure.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Seek advice from your vet for use during pregnancy & lactation. Use not recommended during first trimester of pregnancy.

Passport Requirements- This medication cannot be used in horses intended for human consumption. Your vet must have signed Section 9 of your horse’s passport (or Section 2 for passports issued after 1st January 2016).

For further product information please click on the link below. This will take you to the Veterinary medicines directorate (VMD) website where you can search for the product and see the most up to date Summary of product characteristics (SPC).


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